The world needs that big-hearted passion project of yours.

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I’m Liz Applegate, a certified courageous living coach and inner critic tamer. My clients want to make a positive impact in the world with their conscious businesses but aren’t sure how to move forward when self-doubt strikes. Those inner thoughts that say “you aren’t good enough, smart enough, don’t know enough…” can keep even the most committed of change makers from sharing their gifts. Maybe that’s you too?

I’m here to quiet that inner bully, challenge old rules and “shoulds,” help you make peace with fear and strategically move forward with that purposed project of yours. It’s my belief, that now more than ever, the world needs people just like you to bring about light, goodness and healing.

I wanted to take a moment and thank you, Liz. You have helped and I feel like I’m moving forward again! Because of you I took a leap and made the first step! Thank you SO much!

Julie McCullough

Photographer & Creative Dream Maker, Julie M Studios

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